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Good Morning….

I am not a morning person at all. But someday I hope to be. It’s in the same category as having a 6-pack with sexily toned legs, being a newspaper reader, and ex-coffee drinker. Someday it will be achieved, but not this morning. Ah, but mornings for me need not be wasted! Just this morning in fact I’ve created this blog as a safe, boundary-pushing, creative outlet space for myself to explore some pretty deep issues surrounding sex, mental health, body issues, and my idea of what it means to be Chicana and lesbian. But, I also want this to be a space where I can have fun, be my sometimes silly self and play with lighter and more fun topics and general rantings. I’m excited to take on this new project and hope it fruit some fantastically delicious ideas, views and conversations. Thanks for reading!


About fridaynitelesbianscrabble

Lesbian Chicana creating a space to talk about health, sex, books, political and social issues that are specific to my intersections as a lesbian, Chicana, femme, writer.


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