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Babe in Toyland

My favorite time of the year to shop is not Christmas, or birthdays or even Valentines Day (close second).You won’t catch me browsing clothing racks with much interest and shoes do little for me. Of course my girlfriend says it’s because I’m cheap. I’d say I’m a frugal spender. But the one item that I purchase with glee! with excitement! with boundless joy! and without so much as a penny pinched, is a new sex toy. I am a serious aficionado of sex toys and will not settle for anything that does not send my g-spot begging for more. I’ve had some cheap toys in the past- some quick one night stands. A pair of plastic handcuffs, carelessly made nipple clamps. I’ve learned my lessons more than once and now purchase my prize with only quality and fantasy in mind.

So without further Ado, I introduce to you Tantus Mark 02 (which has been renamed for higher fuckability….I just can’t do a “Mark”).

Ah, such gentle curves and folds, such sublime, velvety texture. A color that isn’t cartoony and bold (though certain times call for such colors) but soft and skin toned. This is about as much praise as I’d give anything so phallic. But hear me out fellow lezzies….

I was so against “realistic” dildos for the longest. I’d cringe past them at the grown ups toy store or laugh at the sight…surely i would never use something so…real….i’ll take my Purple Dreamer, thankyouverymuch. Well, finally sick of the solid and irritating material of the non-realistic variety (probably because I use it so goddamned much) I decided to try out a toy based on the material more than the visual stimulation. Well, ladies, let me tell ya…best.decision.ever. Let me tell you some more about her. She’s 5 1/2 inches tall (I can’t take anything hitting my cervix) but with 1.25″ of solid girth. She’s made by Tantus from Silicone Dual Density 02 material. And my favorite part about it is the soft and squishy “head” which enters my vagina with ballerina like ease and grace. She’s strap on compatible and easy to wash by either boiling, tossing it in the dishwasher or a little soap and water. Wouldn’t change a thing about her!

I guess all those guys were right when they said that I just needed to find the right cock….thanks for the encouragement boys- I finally found it! and it straps on perfectly : )

Be sure to stop by again for a video post, up soon!


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